Preliminary data about algae and cyanobacteria of volcanic soils on Kuril Islands

K.V. Ilchibaeva, D.F. Kunsbaeva, R.Z. Allaguvatova, A.I. Fazlutdinova, O.V. Polokhin, L.A. Sibirina, A.A. Gontcharov, P. Singh & L.A. Gaysina
Fifty-five species from five phyla (Cyanobacteria – 8, Chlorophyta – 29 (Chlorophyceae – 14, Trebouxiophyaceae – 11), Bacillariophyta – 19, Streptophyta – 1, Ochrophyta – 2 (Xanthophyceae – 1, Eustigmatophyceae – 1)) were revealed during the study on biodiversity of cyanobacteria and algae from terrestrial habitats of Urup, Paramushir, Iturup, and Simushir (Kuril Islands). Algal flora of Iturup Islands was the most divers with 25 species, 23 species were found on Urup, 17 on Simushir,...
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