The use of multicomponent adsorption filters in water purification systems and luminescent control of ecotoxicant content

E.I. Tikhomirova, O.A. Plotnikova, O.V. Atamanova, M.V. Istrashkina, A.V. Koshelev & A.L. Podolsky
The paper presents the results of innovative design development for multicomponent adsorption filters with sliding cartridges or with a metal-graphite electrode system. The proposed filters allow providing water purification by 98–99% simultaneously from various polluting organic substances, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The filtering media of these filters include bentonite modified by various methods. To study the effectiveness of adsorption filters as a rapid method, qualitative spot test analysis (sensu Feigl) was used. To control the...
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