Optimization of the microbiological composition of the biological product for cultivation of Lotus corniculatus

L.I. Domracheva, D.V. Kozylbayeva, A.L. Kovina, L.V. Trefilova, Yu.N. Zykova, M.N. Gripas & V.A. Izotova
In a field experiment the effectiveness of presowing treatment of seeds of Lotus corniculatus by mono- and multicomponent microbial associations has been investigated. The associations were based on the nodule bacteria (NB) of Rhizobium loti, cyanobacteria (CB) Fischerella muscicola and actinobacteria (AB) Streptomyces hygroscopicus A4. Evaluation of effectiveness was carried out by the analysis of morphometric parameters of the aerial part and the plants biomass, as well as the intensity of the tubercles formation. The...
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