Data for : Poly(A) Dataset for PAS sequences and pseudo-PAS sequences Classification (fasta format)

Fahad Albalawi, Abderrazak Chahid, Xingang Guo, Somayah Albaradei, Arturo Magana-Mora, Boris R. Jankovic, Mahmut Uludag, Christophe Van Neste, Magbubah Essack, Taous-Meriem Laleg-Kirati & Vladimir B. Bajic
This Dataset contains DNA sequences of the human genome hg38 from GENCODE folder at EBI ftp server ( A-Positive set (PAS sequences) Using GENCODE annotation for poly(A) ( We selected poly(A) signal annotation. Using bedtools-slop option, we found regions extended 300 bp upstream and 300 bp downstream of the poly(A) hexamer. With the bedtools-getfasta option, we extracted 606 bp fasta sequences from these regions. After eliminating duplicates, we obtained 37’516 presumed true functional poly(A) signal...
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