Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) concentration and congener data collected from anaerobic sediment microcosms that harbor organohalide respiring bacteria

Jessica M Ewald, Timothy E Mattes & Jerald L Schnoor
The data set presented here quantifies individual PCB congeners and total PCB concentrations in sediment microcosms that harbor anaerobic microbial consortium native to PCB-contaminated sediments. The PCB data was collected at day 0 and day 200 from sediment microcosms, and it accompanies a multi-omics dataset that includes 4 metagenomes, 8 metatranscriptomes, 63 metagenome-assembled genomes. As a whole, the combine datasets capture dynamic microbial community interactions, structure, and function relevant to anaerobic PCB biodegradation in the...
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