Dataset used in Boeddinghaus et al. (2019) \"Plant functional trait shifts explain concurrent changes in the structure and function of grassland soil microbial communities\" Journal of Ecology

Runa Boeddinghaus, Sven Marhan, Doreen Berner, Steffen Boch, Markus Fischer, Norbert Hoelzel, Jens Kattge, Valentin Klaus, Till Kleinebecker, Yvonne Oelmann, Daniel Prati, Deborah Schäfer, Ingo Schöning, Marion Schrumpf, Elisabeth Sorkau, Ellen Kandeler & Pete Manning
We investigated whether the functioning and composition of microbial communities rapidly tracks short-term changes (within three years) in abiotic soil properties, land-use intensity, plant functional traits or plant biomass properties or if microbial changes are driven by the longer-term history of the site (legacy effect). In addition, we asked whether changes in microbial soil properties and functions were best explained by direct or indirect legacy or change effects of land-use intensity or in intermediate properties,...
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