Preliminary design of a smart climatic road in Phillip St. Parramatta

Mattheos Santamouris, Gloria Pignatta, Shamila Haddad, Riccardo Paolini, Carlos Bartesaghi Koc, Marco Brozzetti, Samin Marzban, Jie Feng, Kai Gao & Geraldo Sansone
The present study is aiming to pre-design and optimize a smart climatic street in Parramatta, named Phillip st., exhibiting high climatic, environmental, and energy performance.The specific objective of the study is to propose, investigate, and optimize the combination of advanced thermal mitigation and smart technologies to improve thermal comfort and mitigate the urban overheating in the area.To satisfy the above described objective, the whole study involves the following research phases:Phase 1: Aerial monitoring of the...
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