Parkes observations for project P892 semester 2016OCTS_BPSR_22

Evan Keane, Andrea Possenti, James Green, Simon Johnston, Michael Kramer, Marta Burgay, Matthew Bailes, Ramesh Bhat, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Ralph Eatough, Willem van Straten, Benjamin Stappers, Lina Levin, Andrew Jameson, Cherry Ng, Caterina Tiburzi, Emily Petroff, Ewan Barr, Chris Flynn, Fabian Jankowski, Manisha Caleb, Vincent Morello & Shivani Bhandari
SUPERBx is an extension to the SUPERB survey which looks at the highest Galactic latitudes in a search for fast radio bursts (FRBs). Our most recent results show that there is a strong Galactic latitude dependence to FRB detectability with the detection rate being 4 times higher ~45 degrees and higher above the plane; this is where SUPERBx will focus its efforts from now on. SUPERBx uses optimised GPU codes to search for pulsars and...
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