Multi-laboratory compilation of atmospheric carbon dioxide data for the period 1957-2019; obspack_co2_1_GLOBALVIEWplus_v6.1_2021-03-01

Adam Cox, Alex Vermeulen, Alistair Manning, Andreas Beyersdorf, Andreas Zahn, Andrew Manning, Andrew Watson, Anna Karion, Arjan Hensen, , Arnoud Frumau, Aurelie Colomb, Bert Scheeren, Bev Law, Bianca Baier, Bill Munger, Bill Paplawsky, Brian Viner, Britton Stephens, Bruce Daube, Casper Labuschagne, Cathrine Lund Myhre, Chad Hanson, Charles E. Miller, Christian Plass-Duelmer … & Zoe Loh
A full list of all creators for this product can be found at This product is constructed using the Observation Package (ObsPack) framework [Masarie et al., 2014;]. The framework is designed to bring together atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) observations from a variety of sampling platforms, prepare them with specific applications in mind, and package and distribute them in a self-consistent and well-documented product. ObsPack products are intended to support GHG budget studies and...
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