The environment-dependent interatomic potential (EDIP) potential v000

Yaser Afshar, Luca Ferraro, Chao Jiang, Samuel McSweeney, Joao Justo, Martin Bazant, Efthimios Kaxiras, Vasily Bulatov, Sidney Yip & Nigel Marks
This model driver provides a C++ implementation of the Environment Dependent Interatomic Potential (EDIP) [1,2] and is based on the source code of the `edip` and `edip/multi` pair styles found in the LAMMPS software package. It additionally features an `edip/c` mode not found in any pair styles in LAMMPS, which is an extension of EDIP to carbon that accounts for pi-bonding effects [2]. The mode of the driver (`edip` for single-species models, `edip/multi` for multispecies...
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