MEAM Potential for the Ca-Zn-Mg system developed by Jang, Seol and Lee (2019) v000

Hyo-Sun Jang, Donghyuk Seol & Byeong-Joo Lee
An interatomic potential for the Mg-Zn-Ca ternary system. The development was based on the second nearest-neighbor modified embedded-atom method formalism, combining previously developed Mg-Zn and Mg-Ca potentials with the newly developed Zn-Ca binary potential. The Zn-Ca and Mg-Zn-Ca potentials reproduce structural, elastic, and thermodynamic properties of compounds and solution phases of relevant alloy systems in reasonable agreement with experimental data, first-principles and CALPHAD calculations. In original paper (Jang et al., Calphad, 67:101674, 2019), the applicability...
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