High-symmetry surface energies in cubic lattices and broken bond model v003

Matt Bierbaum
Calculates the surface energy of several high symmetry surfaces and produces a broken-bond model fit. In latex form, the fit equations are given by: E_{FCC} (\vec{n}) = p_1 (4 \left( |x+y| + |x-y| + |x+z| + |x-z| + |z+y| +|z-y|\right)) + p_2 (8 \left( |x| + |y| + |z|\right)) + p_3 (2 ( |x+ 2y + z| + |x+2y-z| + |x-2y + z| + |x-2y-z| + |2x+y+z| + |2x+y-z| +|2x-y+z| +|2x-y-z| +|x+y+2z| +|x+y-2z| +|x-y+2z| +|x-y-2z|...
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