High-Fidelity-based MDO: A Closer Look at the Selected Sub-Processes Overall Aircraft Design Synthesis, Loads Analysis, and Structural Optimization

T. Klimmek, S. Dähne, B. Fröhler, J. Hartmann, T. Kier, D. Kohlgrüber, M. Petsch, M. Schulze, A. Schuster & Ö. Süleözgen
MDO approaches for overall aircraft design based on high-fidelity tools and methods usually go hand in hand with complex computational processes. This is especially the case as the number of the disciplines and the complexity of the disciplinary methods and models increases. Apart from aerodynamic performance analysis of the flexible aircraft using high fidelity CFD analysis, further disciplinary sub-processes were part of three high-fidelity based MDO processes developed and applied within the DLR project VicToria....
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