Effects of model resolution, physics, and coupling on Southern Hemisphere storm tracks in CESM1.3

Dongxia Yang & Gerald Meehl
Two high-resolution versions of a coupled Earth system model (CESM1.3: 0.25˚-atmosphere, 1˚-ocean; CESM1.1: 0.25˚-atmosphere, 0.1˚-ocean) are compared to the standard resolution CESM1.1 and CESM1.3 (1˚-atmosphere, 1˚-ocean). The CESM1.3 versions are documented, and the consequences of model resolution, air-sea coupling, and physics in the atmospheric models are studied with regards to storm tracks in the Southern Hemisphere as represented by 850 hPa eddy kinetic energy. Increasing the resolution from 1˚ to 0.25˚ in the atmosphere (same...
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