Effects of hormone injections on tolerance to cryopreservation of ayu spermatozoa

Ken-Ichi Yokoi, Koji Yamane, Madoka Tsutaka, Shinichi Yamamoto, Mitsuki Gouda, Kenji Takii & Hiromi Ohta
We examined the effects of maturation stimulating hormone, salmon pituitary extract (SPE) or 17α-hydroxyprogesterone (17α-OHP), injections on the post-thaw motility of ayu spermatozoa. Comparative post-thaw motility (percent motility of post-thawed spermatozoa/that of fresh spermatozoa x100) in the Ringer control group showed higher percent motility in the late time than in the early time of the spawning season. Post-thaw motility was higher in the SPE and 17α-OHP groups than in the Ringer control group. These results...
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