Description of a new deep-sea Lantern Shark Etmopterus viator sp. nov. (Squaliformes: Etmopteridae) from the Southern Hemisphere

Nicolas Straube, Guy Duhamel, Nicolas Gasco, Jürgen Kriwet & Ulrich K. Schliewen
Lantern sharks (Etmopterus spp.) constitute a regular by-catch in longline fisheries conducted along the north-eastern Kerguelen Plateau shelf in depths of 600 to 1700 m. Kerguelen lantern sharks are morphologically close to E. granulosus, E. sp. B, South African E. cf. granulosus, and E. litvinovi. However, molecular phylogenetic analyses support the hypothesis that they represent a distinct cryptic species, which is in line with morphological characters separating the species from its Southern Hemisphere congeners. The new species is...
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