Foraging habitats of top predators, and Areas of Ecological Significance, on the Kerguelen Plateau

Mark A. Hindell, Mary-Anne Lea, Charles-André Bost, Jean-Benoît Charrassin, Nick Gales, Simon Goldsworthy, Brad Page, Graham Robertson, Barbara Wienecke, Malcolm O’Toole & Christophe Guinet
Avian and mammalian predators play a key role in the Kerguelen Plateau ecosystem, both with respect to structuring the marine community and its response to anthropogenic influences, such as climate change and commercial fisheries. A powerful way to determine regions of particular ecological importance is to identify Areas of Ecological Significance (AES): regions that are utilized by multiple predator species. Such concentrations of foraging activity are indicative of enhanced primary and/or secondary productivity. These are...
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