Range extensions of four species of parrotfishes (Scaridae) in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico

Ollin T. Gonzalez-Cuellar, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla, Manon Fourrière, Mario Rojo, Arturo Hernández-Velasco, Israel Sánchez-Alcántara & Tad Pfister
We present new records extending the known geographic range of four species of parrotfishes (family Scaridae) in the Gulf of California, Mexico: Scarus compressus, S. ghobban, S. perrico and S. rubroviolaceus. The presence of these species in the northern gulf is relevant considering their ecological role as consumers of algae and mollusks, and as producers of carbonated sediments in the reefs, which is not currently played by any other fish in that area. The records...
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