Species richness of urban and rural fish assemblages in the Grijalva Basin floodplain, southern Gulf of Mexico

Alberto J. Sánchez, Nicolás Álvarez-Pliego, Héctor Espinosa-Pérez, Rosa Florido, Alberto Macossay-Cortez, Everardo Barba, Miguel Ángel Salcedo & Arturo Garrido-Mora
Urban sprawl poses a major threat to aquatic biodiversity. The species richness in fish assemblages of fifteen ecosystems with different degrees of hydraulic connectivity in the floodplain of the Grijalva River watershed has been analysed and described along five years. After human interventions, four lagoons are permanently disconnected and three are temporarily connected. The other three lagoons stay permanently interconnected. Native cichlids and poeciliids dominated in number of species, representing 24 of the 55 listed...
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