CORDEX simulations (evaluation, historical, rcp85, rcp45 and rcp26) on a ca. 50 km grid over Europe based on ALARO-0 forced by CNRM-CM5

Steven Caluwaerts, Julie Berckmans, Lesley De Cruz, Pieter De Meutter, Rozemien De Troch, Alex Deckmyn, Daan Degrauwe, Luc Gerard, Geert Smet, Joris Van den Bergh, Michiel Van Ginderachter, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, Piet Termonia & Olivier Giot
Project: CORDEX dynamical downscaling data sets based on CMIP5 forcing - CORDEX ( is a WCRP initiative to coordinate the downscaling of CMIP5 simulation results produced in support of the IPCC/AR5. About 30 institutes worldwide contributed to the CORDEX data base with more than 20 RCMs in various configurations and versions. CORDEX defined 13 domains ( with acronyms AFR(Africa), EUR(Europe), ARC(Arctic), ANT(Antarctica), MED(Mediterranean), SAM(South America), CAM(Central America), NAM(North America), WAS(South Asia), EAS(East Asia), CAS(Central Asia),...
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