Impact of E-vapor aerosols on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in ApoE−/− mice

Justyna Szostak, Ee Wong, Bjoern Titz, Tom Lee, Sin Wong, Tiffany Low, Kyonghee Lee, Jingjie Zhang, Ashutosh Kumar, Walter Schlage, Emmanuel Guedj, Blaine Phillips, Patrice Leroy, Ansgar Buettner, Florian Martin, Alain Sewer, Arkadiusz Kuczaj, Nikolai Ivanov, Karsta Luettich, Patrick Vanscheeuwijck, Manuel Peitsch, Julia Hoeng & Yang Xiang
This study aims to investigate the impact of exposure to e-vapor aerosols on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The assessment was performed over a 6-month period on ApoE−/− female mice. Three different E-vapor formulations (carrier (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol), base (carrier and nicotine) and test (base and flavor)) were tested and compared with the impact of exposure to the mainstream smoke of cigarettes. Classical endpoints were first explored: biomarkers of exposure, hematological and lipidic...
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