Comparison of physical and mechanical properties of cementitious mortars reinforced with natural and synthetic fibres prior and after wet/dry cycles

B. Poletanović, I. Merta, A. Šajna, A. Mauko Pranjić & A. Mladenović
In this research, the physical and mechanical properties of cement-based mortars reinforced with hemp, flax and polypropylene fibres, exposed to accelerated aging of wet/dry cycles, were studied and compared with their initial properties, prior aging. The mortar mixture was made with Portland cement as a binder, cement/sand/water ratio of 1:1:0.4 by weight and with sand of particle size between 0.4-0.8mm. As fibre reinforcement short hemp, flax and polypropylene fibres with dosage of 1,0 vol% (volume...
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