Provision of Welfare Services to Immigrants (Proceedings of SWRC Seminar, 26 May 1986)

Adam Jamrozik
Proceedings of SWRC Seminar 26 May 1986 Part I: ‘Immigrant Communities, Self-Help and Voluntary Effort: Policy, Practice and Perceptions of Issues’. 1. ‘Migrants, Marginality and Community Work’, by Andrew Jakubowicz and Helen Meekosha. 2. ‘The Role of the Non-Government Welfare Sector’, by Judy Petruchenia. 3. ‘Some Considerations on Provision of Welfare Services to Migrants’, by Michael Morrissey. Part II: ‘Immigrants, Welfare and the Workplace’. 4. ‘Migrants, Welfare and the Workplace’, by Jock Collins. 5. ‘Government...
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