Cavity ring-down spectroscopic measurements of CO2 mole fraction in State College, Pennsylvania, 2017-2018.

S.J. Richardson, N.L. Miles, T. Lauvaux, B.J. Haupt & K.J. Davis
Carbon dioxide (CO2) mole fractions were measured at three locations near State College, Pennsylvania, using cavity ring-down spectrometers (Picarro, Inc.). This dataset includes raw data and hourly averages. The instruments were calibrated via four NOAA tertiary tanks prior to deployment, but no field calibrations were applied. The air samples were not dried. The locations of the measurements were Rock Springs (40°43'15.3"N 77°55'54.1"W, 10 m AGL), Walker Building roof (40°47'36.1"N 77°52'02.0"W, 30 m AGL), and Houserville...
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