High-resolution (1.3kmx1.3-km) WRF-Chem output driven with the Hestia, and two nightlight-based fossil fuel emission products over the LA basin from 5/15/2020-6/15/2020

S. Feng, T. Lauvaux, T. Oda, M.O. Román, Z. Wang, S. Maksyutov & V.L. Kalb
This high-resolution WRF-Chem model output is driven with three different fossil fuel emission products: Hestia (Gurney et al., 2018), and two nightlight-based CO2 emission data using the same setup as Feng et al (2016). The nightlight data products are based on DMSP (Oda and Maksyutov, 2011) and NASA’s Black Marble Nighttime Lights Product Suite (VNP46) (Román et al., 2018; Oda et al. 2020). This sensitivity atmospheric modeling experiment demonstrates the utility of CO2 mapping, helping...
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