Vis-NIR bidirectional reflection spectra of spherical water ice particles for different sizes (2 to 100 µm), temperatures (173 and 223 K) and temporal evolutions

Olivier Poch, Zuriñe Yoldi & Bernhard Jost
Three types of water ice particles were prepared, having three grain size distributions: 4.5±2.5 µm, 67±31 μm, and between 2 and 100 µm. Reflectance spectra (from 0.4 to 4 µm) of 5mm-deep surfaces of these particles were measured at 173 K, and some at 223 K, under primary vacuum. During time, the particles undergo metamorphism (recristallisation/sintering, change of grains shape and size) and spectra were measured again several hours after the measurement of the fresh...
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