Generation of quasi continuous-wave electron beams in an L-band normal conducting pulsed RF injector for laboratory astrophysics experiments

Ye Lining Chen, Gregor Loisch, Matthias Gross, Chun-Sung Jao, Mikhail Krasilnikov, Anne Oppelt, Jens Osterhoff, Martin Pohl, Houjun Qian, Frank Stephan & Sergei Vafin
We report on an approach to produce quasi continuous-wave (cw) electron beams with an average beam current of milliamperes and a mean beam energy of a few MeV in a pulsed RF injector. Potential applications are in the planned laboratory astrophysics programs at DESY. The beam generation is based on field emission from a specially designed metallic field emitter. A quasi cw beam profile is formed over subsequent RF cycles at the resonance frequency of...
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