Petrosal approach in management of petrous apex meningiomas and other petroclival tumors

Stanislaw J. Kwiek, Piotr Bazowski, Wojciech Slusarczyk, Wojciech Kukier, Jerzy Luszawski, Tomasz Wójcikiewicz, Adam Wolwender, Stanislawa Gierek-Ciaciura, Marek Obidzinski & Grazyna Lisowska
Most frequent neoplasms in the region of petrous apex are meningioma and epidermoid. In their slow growth they can penetrate clival region, cerebellopontine angle, middle cranial fossa, and even invade cavernous sinus. In advanced stages it becomes interdisciplinary problem, requiring co-operation of[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]