Tumor stem cell targeted therapy with mTOR Inhibitor RAD001 and hedgehog signaling inhibitor Cyclopamine reverts chemoresistance towards 5-Fluorouracil in human pancreatic carcinoma cells

I. Ischenko, A. Renner, H. Seeliger, A. Kleespies, J.W. Ellwart, P. Camaj, M.E. Eichhorn, K-W. Jauch & C.J. Bruns
Introduction: In the present study, we aimed to identify and to eliminate putative cancer stem cells (CSC) within different human pancreatic cancer cell lines as well as within 5-Fluorouracil-resistant pancreatic cancer cell lines established in our laboratory. Material and methods: Pancreatic CSC[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]