Preliminary characterization of the beam monitors for CNAO with the PSI clinical proton beam

S. Giordanengo, M. Donetti, M. A. Garella, C. Ansarinejad, C. Tomba, S. Lin, A. Attili, F. Bourhaleb, R. Cirio, F. Marchetto, V. Monaco, E. Pedroni, C. Peroni, G. Russo & R. Sacchi
Purpose:The beam monitors for CNAO (Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica), developed and built in collaboration between INFN, Torino University and CNAO foundation, are ready to be installed on the CNAO nozzle. A basic debug of the detectors with X-rays was done and a more precise characterization[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]