OPTIS2: a new treatment facility at PSI 25 years after introducing ocular proton therapy in Europe – project challenges and comparison with OPTIS

J. Verwey, J. Heufelder, F. Assenmacher, M.-J. Van Goethem, A. Tourovsky, M. Grossmann, A. Lomax, G. Goitein, M. Jermann, L. Zografos & E. Hug
Background: In 1984 PSI started the ocular proton therapy program called OPTIS. To date more than 5200 eye tumours have been treated using a 72 MeV Philips cyclotron. Cyclotron reliability and maintenance issues led to the start of the PROSCAN project in 2000, resulting in the 250 MeV COMET cyclotron[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]