Metabolic pathway of superparamagnetic Iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) for sutureless tissue soldering – in vivo long-term analysis

Eva Schlachter, Amadé Bregy, Istvan Vajtai, Tarja Loennfors, Pasquale Mordasini, Gudrun Herrmann, Vianney Bernau, Alke Petri-Fink, Heinrich Hofmann, Andreas Raabe & Michael Reinert
Objective: The application of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) for diagnostic procedures has gained wide acceptance. Different utilization of SPIONs is based on two major advantages of iron oxides: their low toxicity to human beings and their high magnetization potential. If exposed[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]