Quantification of newly produced hydroxyapatite in monolayer cultures of osteogenically induced hMSCs using the three different radiopharmaceuticals 99mTc-MDP, 99mTc-DPD and 99mTc-HDP

T. Großner, E. Volkmer, M. Saller, B. Cherian Kallukalam, F.J. Gildehaus & M. Schieker
Objective: Osteogenic induction of human mesenchymal stem cells is a well-estblished method used in tissue engineering for experimental orthopaedic research. Proof of osteogenic differentiation is commonly made by Alizarin red and von Kossa staining. Recently 99mTc-MDP, a radiolabelled diphosphonate,[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]