Otoacoustic emissions as a screening test of hearing loss in high-risk infants: northern Greece experience

Pantelis Chouridis, Skouras Athanasios, Argyrioy Nektarios, Melpomeni Panagiotidoy, George Kontzoglou, Magganaris Argyrios, Mpoukla Anastasia, Tsakiropoulou Eyaggelia & Kioutsouki Aikaterini
Introduction: Otoacoustic emissions (OEM) have been established as the easiest method to conduct screening test in newborns. Methods: OEMs are been used as a screening test in all neonatal who being born in 3 major Obstretic Clinics in the capital of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki. High risk are[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]