Tropism testing from proviral DNA – analysis of a subgroup from the Berlin Maraviroc cohort

M. J. Obermeier, A. Carganico, B. Bieniek, C. Cordes, S. Dupke, K. Fischer, M. Freiwald, J. Gölz, H. Hillenbrand, B. Hintsche, G. Klausen, S. Köppe, P. Kreckel, E. Lauenroth-Mai, C. Mayr, A. Moll, S. Neifer, D. Prziwara, M. Rausch, F. Schlote, C. Schuler, W. Schmidt, D. Schleehauf, D. Schranz, T. Wünsche … & A. Baumgarten
Background: Besides being a potent drug in treatment-experienced patients, Maraviroc (MVC) is well tolerated by most of the patients. MVC is therefore very interesting for switching strategies in case of adverse effects caused by the current, otherwise successful treatment regimen. As a CCR5-Blocker,[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]