Fine needle aspiration compared with other sampling techniques for the diagnosis of buruli ulcer disease

K.-H. Herbinger, K. Huber, N.-Y. Awua-Boateng, J. Nitschke, W. Thompson, E. Klutse, P. Agbenorku, A. Assiobo, E. Piten, F. Wiedemann, M. Beissner, E. Fleischmann, K. Helfrich, O. Adjei, T. Löscher & G. Bretzel
Background: A variety of diagnostic specimens (swabs, punch biopsies, surgically excised tissue) is available for the laboratory diagnosis of Buruli Ulcer Disease (BUD). Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) also encouraged assessment of fine needle aspirates (FNA) for non-ulcerative lesions [for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]