Less complications in shunt surgery: gravitational valves are proven to be effective in the therapy of the idiophatic normal pressure hydrocephalus (SVASONA)

U. Meier, J. Lemcke, C. Müller, M. Fritsch, U. Kehler, N. Langer, M. Kiefer, R. Eymann, M.U. Schuhmann, A. Speil, F. Weber, V. Remenez, V. Rohde, H.C. Ludwig & D. Stengel
Objective: Among the dementia diseases, the idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus is the only entity treatable by neurosurgical therapy. Although the effectiveness of shunt surgery is unquestioned, the risk of overdrainage complications had a major influence on the indication for surgery in the past.[for full text, please go to the a.m. URL]