Quartärgliederung und Aufbau von Warmzeit-Kaltzeit-Zyklen in Bereichen mit Dominanz periglazialer Hangsedimente, dargestellt am Quartärprofil Dreihausen/Hessen

Udo Sabelberg, Georgeta Mavrocordat, Heinrich Rohdenburg & Ernst Schönhals
The Quaternary Profile of Dreihausen/Hesse is marked by the dovetailing of loess or loess-loam and periglacial slope-sediments. A geomorphological, stratigraphic and micromorphological study was carried out on an escarpment some 12 metres high. Thirteen different sedimentation-soil development-cycles could be traced. On the basis of the results arrived at it has been possible to construct a model of an ideal quaternary interglacial/glacial cycle.