AirMOSS: L4 Modeled Volumetric Root Zone Soil Moisture, 2012-2015

W.T. CROW, S. Milak & R.H. REICHLE
This data set provides hourly gridded soil moisture estimates derived from hydrologic modeling at nine AirMOSS sites across North America. The AirMOSS L4 RZSM product represents a temporal interpolation of intermittent AirMOSS L2/3 RZSM retrievals into a temporally-continuous, multi-layer, hourly soil moisture product. The L4 RZSM data have the same spatial resolution (3-arcsecs or ~100 m), and the same temporal coverage (generally Fall 2012 through Fall 2015), as the underlying L2/3 RZSM data. The L4...
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