ACT-America: L3 Merged In Situ Atmospheric Trace Gases and Flask Data, Eastern USA

K.J. Davis, M.D. Obland, B. Lin, T. Lauvaux, C. O'Dell, B. Meadows, E.V. Browell, J.P. DiGangi, C. Sweeney, M.J. McGill, J.D. Barrick, A.R. Nehrir, M.M. Yang, J.R. Bennett, B.C. Baier, A. Roiger, S. Pal, T. Gerken, A. Fried, S. Feng, R. Shrestha, M.A. Shook, G. Chen, L.J. Campbell, Z.R. Barkley … & R.M. Pauly
This dataset provides merged data products acquired during flights over the central and eastern United States as part of the Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America (ACT-America) project. Two aircraft platforms, the NASA Langley Beechcraft B200 King Air and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's C-130H Hercules, were used to collect high-quality in situ measurements across a variety of continental surfaces and atmospheric conditions. The merged data products are composed of continuous in situ measurements...
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