Aboveground Biomass High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015

K.B. Byrd, L. Ballanti, N. Thomas, D. Nguyen, J.R. Holmquist, M. Simard & L. Windham-Myers
This dataset provides maps of aboveground tidal marsh biomass (g/m2) at 30m resolution for six estuarine regions of the conterminous United States: Cape Cod, MA; Chesapeake Bay, MD, Everglades, FL; Mississippi Delta, LA; San Francisco Bay, CA; and Puget Sound, WA. Estuarine and palustrine emergent tidal marsh areas were based on a 2010 NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) map. Aboveground biomass maps were generated from a random forest model driven by Landsat vegetation indices...
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