Coastal Wetland Elevation and Carbon Flux Inventory with Uncertainty, USA, 2006-2011

J.R. Holmquist, L. Windham-Myers, B. Bernal, K.B. Byrd, S. Crooks, M.E. Gonneea, N. Herold, S.H. Knox, K. Kroeger, J. Mccombs, P.J. Megonigal, L. Meng, J.T. Morris, A.E. Sutton-grier, T. Troxler & D. Weller
This dataset provides maps of coastal wetland carbon and methane fluxes and coastal wetland surface elevation from 2006 to 2011 at 30 m resolution for coastal wetlands of the conterminous United States. Total coastal wetland carbon flux per year per pixel was calculated by combining maps of wetland type and change with soil, biomass, and methane flux data from a literature review. Uncertainty in carbon flux was estimated from 10,000 iterations of a Monte Carlo...
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