PhenoCam Dataset v2.0: Digital Camera Imagery from the PhenoCam Network, 2000-2018

T. Milliman, B. Seyednasrollah, A.M. Young, K. Hufkens, M.A. Friedl, S. Frolking, A.D. Richardson, M. Abraha, D.W. Allen, M. Apple, M.A. Arain, J. Baker, J.M. Baker, C.J. Bernacchi, J. Bhattacharjee, P. Blanken, D.D. Bosch, R. Boughton, E.H. Boughton, R.F. Brown, D.M. Browning, N. Brunsell, S.P. Burns, M. Cavagna, H. Chu … & J. Verfaillie
This dataset provides a time series of visible-wavelength digital camera imagery collected through the PhenoCam Network at each of 393 sites predominantly in North America from 2000-2018. The raw imagery was used to derive information on phenology, including time series of vegetation color, canopy greenness, and phenology transition dates for the PhenoCam Dataset v2.0. The PhenoCam data are released under a CC-BY license.
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