ATom: L2 Measurements from CU High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS)

J.L. Jimenez, P. Campuzano-Jost, D.A. Day, B.A. Nault, D.J. Price & J.C. Schroder
This dataset provides the atmospheric concentrations of separated ions from inorganic and organic species measured by the High-Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (HR-AMS) collected during flights of the NASA ATom Mission. Data are available from all four ATom Campaigns. The HR-AMS detects non-refractory submicron aerosol composition by impaction on a vaporizer at 600 degrees C, followed by electron ionization and time-of-flight mass spectral analysis. The measurements include chemically speciated submicron non-refractory particulate mass at a one...
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