ABoVE: Synthesis of Burned and Unburned Forest Site Data, AK and Canada, 1983-2016

X.J. Walker, J.L. Baltzer, L.L. Bourgeau-Chavez, N.J. Day, W.J. De groot, C. Dieleman, E.E. Hoy, J.F. Johnstone, E.S. Kane, M.A. Parisien, S. Potter, B.M. Rogers, M.R. Turetsky, S. Veraverbeke, E. Whitman & M.C. Mack
This dataset is a synthesis of field plot characterization data, derived above-ground and below-ground combusted carbon, and acquired Fire Weather Index (FWI) System components for burned boreal forest sites across Alaska, USA, the Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan, Canada from 1983-2016. Unburned plot data are also included. Compiled plot-level characterization data include stand age, disturbance history, tree density, and tree biophysical measurements for calculation of the above-ground (ag) and below-ground (bg) biomass/carbon pools, pre-fire and residual...
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