ACT-America: CPL-derived Atmospheric Boundary Layer Top Height, Eastern US, 2016-2018

S. Pal, K.J. Davis, R.M. Pauly, M.J. McGill, L.J. Campbell, K. Hoffman, A.M. Alejandro, M. Rench & H. Haas
This dataset consists of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) top heights and the altitudes of the two additional aerosol layers (in km above mean sea level) derived from Cloud Physics Lidar (CPL) measurements using the Haar wavelet transform method. The CPL instrument was deployed onboard NASA's C-130 aircraft to obtain aerosol backscatter profiles during four ACT-America field campaigns (Summer 2016, Winter 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 2018). CPL is a backscatter lidar designed to operate...
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