A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 5.0

J. Jian, R. Vargas, K.J. Anderson-Teixeira, E. Stell, V. Herrmann, M. Horn, N. Kholod, J. Manzon, R. Marchesi, D. Paredes & B.P. Bond-Lamberty
This dataset provides an update to the Soil Respiration Database (SRDB), a near-universal compendium of published soil respiration (Rs) data. The database encompasses published studies that report at least one of the following data measured in the field (not laboratory): annual soil respiration, mean seasonal soil respiration, a seasonal or annual partitioning of soil respiration into its source fluxes, soil respiration temperature response (Q10), or soil respiration at 10 degrees C. The SRDB's orientation is...
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