ABoVE: Wolf Denning Phenology and Reproductive Success, Alaska and Canada, 2000-2017

P. Mahoney, K. Joly, B. Borg, M. Sorum, T. Rinaldi, D. Saalfeld, H. Golden, D. Latham, A. Kelly, B. Mangipane, C. Lambert, L. Neufeld, M. Hebblewhite, N. Boleman & L.R. Prugh
This dataset provides annual gray wolf (Canis lupus) denning spatial information and timing, associated climatic and phenologic metrics, and reproductive success (i.e., pup survival) in wolf populations across areas of western Canada and Alaska within the NASA ABoVE Core Domain. The study encompasses 18 years between the period 2000-2017. Wolves were captured from eight populations following standard animal care protocols and released with Global Positioning System (GPS) collars. Data from 388 wolves were used to...
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