Airborne Observations and Modeling Comparison of Global Inorganic Aerosol Acidity

B.A. Nault, P. Campuzano-Jost, D.A. Day, D.S. Jo, J.C. Schroder, H.M. Allen, R. Bahreini, H. Bian, D.R. Blake, M. Chin, S.L. Clegg, P.R. Colarco, J.D. Crounse, M.J. Cubison, P.F. Decarlo, J.E. Dibb, G.S. Diskin, A. Hodzic, W. Hu, J.M. Katich, J.K. Kodros, A. Kupc, F.D. Lopez-Hilfiker, E.A. Marais, A.M. Middlebrook … & J.L. Jimenez
This dataset provides observations collected during eleven airborne campaigns from 2006–2017 and associated input and output from nine widely used chemical transport models (CTMs). The airborne campaigns include ARCTAS-A, ARCTAS-B, ATom-1 and ATom-2, CalNex, DC3, INTEX-B, KORUS-AQ, MILAGRO, SEAC4RS, and WINTER, and they sampled mainly tropospheric air over the conterminous U.S. and the state of Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Greenland, and South Korea and remote areas over the Arctic, Pacific, Southern, and Atlantic Oceans. The CTMs...
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