ABoVE: Angular-corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance across Alaska and Canada, 2000-2017

R. Yu, G. Hmimina, K.F. Huemmrich, D.P. Billesbach, A. Lyapustin, Y. Wang, Z. Jingchao, R. Wang & J.A. Gamon
This dataset provides angular corrections of MODIS Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction algorithm (MAIAC) surface reflectances across the ABoVE domain in Alaska and western Canada from 2000 to 2017. Using random forests (RF), a machine-learning approach, the original MAIAC reflectance data were corrected to consistent view and illumination angles (0 degree view zenith angle and 45 degree of sun zenith angle) to reduce artifacts and variability due to angular effects. The original MAIAC data's sub-daily...
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